So, what’s all this talk about broccoli then?

Firstly, apologies for not posting sooner.  Life kind of just got in the way.

My initial plan (i.e. Plan A) was to blog on a weekly basis.  Now, more realistically, I’ve had to resort to Plan B which is to blog whenever I have the time to sit down and write something (hopefully) worth reading.  By the way, I don’t have a Plan C!!!

Secondly, apologies for the lack of photo’s on here…once I’ve mastered this blogging stuff there will be lots (again – hopefully) so just try and bear with me on that one.

Right, apologies over.  So what is all this talk about Broccoli then?

Well, when I realised that I had to give my blog a title I had lots of initial ideas.  These are three of them:

  • Maybe it would be nice to include something to do with disability
  • Or something inspiring
  • Or something which shouts out “Hey, world,  I’m really, really proud of my wonderful little girl so come share our journey”

But I really didn’t want to define Hannah by her disability…never have done, never will.  For me, she is a child first.  Her disabilities and syndrome don’t define her, they’re just a part of what makes her who she is.  It wouldn’t be realistic to express my feelings about Hannah in a title because the title would be longer than the actual post! and hopefully my feelings for her will flow throughout my posts anyway.  Lastly, whilst many people recently have said that I’m “inspirational” or that I’ve written something “inspiring” – whilst that is overwhelmingly lovely to hear and very, very kind, it would be totally inappropriate for me to even suggest that I am “an inspirational mummy”.

So, when I had some time to sit down and scribble some ideas, the one thing that kept coming up for me every time was “my kid loves broccoli” – because she does – a LOT! So it’s a fitting tribute to something that she loves (that’s if you can actually give broccoli a ‘tribute’!).  I’m going to be a bit stuffed though if her taste buds change and she goes off it, but I’ll worry about that if/when the time comes. 

Also, and you may find this a little bit strange/controversial/annoying (delete where applicable) but it’s a bit of a ‘two fingers up’ salute to all the ‘smug parents’ out there that I’ve come across since Hannah was born (and, actually, come to think of it, even before she was born).  I’ll be discussing ‘smug parents’ on another post sometime but these are the ones that like to let anyone and everyone know that their little prince/princess has been a member of MENSA since they were 6 months old, attends ballet lessons and has been poached by the Bolshoi for their next production, is currently learning Mandarin, has just written their first thesis on *“Hermenetics and psychological theory: interpretive perspectives on personality, psychotherapy and psychopathology” blah, blah, vomit inducing blah…you get my drift. Blimey, sorry, I went off on a bit of a rant there didn’t I? I was NEVER going to be one of those parents anyway, even if Hannah was born without her disabilities.

So, to conclude, my message to Mr/Mrs Smug Parent would be that MY child may never be able to do any of those things that your child can do, ever.   BUT that’s OK with me because she will always enjoy her food, will sleep through the night when she’s not feeling poorly and never be found on the floor of a supermarket, screaming until blue in the face because he/she categorically demands the latest toys/games console/bag of sweets etc (by the way, I’m not referring to children who have sensory processing disorders, ADHD, ADD or any other condition which affects their ability to cope in specific situations – I’m referring to the over indulged ones).  Hannah may however, in the future, be found lurking in the fresh produce aisle, eyeing up the broccoli!!!  Their kid may not want to eat broccoli…but mine does! #feelingrathersmug


This post is dedicated to a man who, unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to meet but who touched thousands of people’s hearts, including mine.  Steve Evans sadly lost his two year battle with cancer last night.  He openly shared his journey with the public right to the very end in order to educate/help others.  A funny, brave, inspiring true gentleman.  My thoughts and love go out to him and his beloved family at this very sad time.

*Messer et al, 1988

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4 Responses to So, what’s all this talk about broccoli then?

  1. Wonderful post again Anne and I particularly enjoyed your rant! Totally understand your feelings towards competitive parenting.

    Having had the pleasure of witnessing Hannah tucking into a meal I can wholeheartedly agree, she really does LOVE broccoli !!

  2. Diana says:

    Looking forward to more rants about Mr and Ms Smug Parent! I’m ready to commiserate 🙂

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