It’s our first Blogversary!

blogversary cake

Happy 2015 everyone!

Here’s hoping this year is kind to you and the people you love.

Throughout the festive period we’ve all been suffering with a virus here at Broccoli HQ (as, so it seems, is half the population of the UK at the moment!) so I’m not feeling too perky right now.  But I couldn’t miss our first Blogversary without writing something.

It’d be rude not to!

Well, who’d have thought it, eh?

We’re celebrating our first year of blogging – yay!

To be honest, I never thought I’d last a year OR write more than a couple of posts.

I’ve really rather surprised myself.

For me, every experience in life can be used as a learning curve and, rather interestingly,  I’ve seemed to have learned quite a lot over the last year.

Here’s just a few things that spring to mind right now…

  • That I write A LOT – whoops! – Once I get going, I just can’t seem to stop myself.
    I still have a lot more to say and share.
  • I’d like much more time to write because I love, love, LOVE this blog.
  • People enjoy reading my posts – thanks for the lovely support and feedback guys! I can’t begin to tell you how much that means…and thanks for sharing on facebook/twitter etc…I’d love to name all the people who’ve been SO supportive, but there are too many to mention here – anyway, you know who you are.
  • That I have no qualms whatsoever, about spilling my guts about some of my deepest feelings, fears etc. – why should I?  My blog, my life, my rules, end of.  I’m certainly not ashamed to do so and if people find that difficult to handle, then I’d suggest they don’t read my blog.
  • That Hannah continues to be my greatest teacher of life and unconditional love.
  • That I can reflect, often pragmatically, on things that are painful or have been traumatic, but not dwell upon them – writing can be quite cathartic.
  • I’ve found that people, even family members, had very little insight into our life, my feelings and our experiences before reading any of my posts.
  • That, through my blog, I want to educate – not in a pedantic kind of way, but in a way that whilst being informative, is entertaining and insightful….sometimes silly, but always honest and heartfelt.  I’d never, EVER make light of Hannah’s disabilities, but let’s face it, if we took life seriously all of the time, then we may as well give up now. Humour can be found in some of the unlikeliest of situations…you’ve just got to look for it sometimes.
  • I’m not alone – there are hundreds upon hundreds of parents out there, just like me, who have things to say – REALLY important things;  things about their lives and the struggles that their children face on a daily basis, and I’ve loved reading their blogs and learning from them…but I’ve also shed quite a few tears too.
  • My words have whizzed around the world and we’ve shared our life with people across the globe – mostly in the UK, US and Canada, but also in places like the Russian Federation, Khazakstan, Japan, Israel, Singapore, Belize, Finland. We’ve visited 46 countries so far – metaphorically speaking, of course!  Fascinating.
  • I’m really quite proud of what I’ve achieved so far.
  • I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn…


where to next sign

Well, I’m now sharing my posts on Firefly Garden (go check them out – they’re a great team and have some AMAZING products)…and I feel honoured to be a part of that new community.

I think we’ll attempt a little facelift on the blog.

Maybe a ‘my kid loves broccoli’ facebook or twitter page so I can spread the word a little more.

After that, well, who knows?…I’m open to suggestions.

All I can say is that I’m really happy to share a part of our life with you and I very much hope it continues.

Onwards and upwards!

…oh, and just for the record, my kid STILL loves broccoli – Phew!

Apart from suffering from a virus, she’s wonderful.  Hannah went on an airplane for the first time recently – I’ll hopefully share this with you next time…with some lovely photos.

Right my lovely people, that’s all for this post.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until next time,


Please consider pressing one of those buttons down there and help spread the word that we’re here, floating around in the blogosphere.

This post is dedicated to Hannah: my inspiration, my love, my world.


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