We have a pretty good routine that we try and stick to, here at Broccoli HQ.

Simply so that Hannah can get an indication of what’s happening throughout the day.

I usually read to Hannah just before bedtime.  However, we’ve recently put that on hold because, at present, Hannah much prefers eating the books rather than looking at them!

Ah, well.

Hopefully, one day soon, we’ll return to Dr Seuss (one of my favourites!) or the gazillions of other books we have here at Broccoli HQ.

So, the other night, after drinking her milk, Hannah and I were snuggling on the sofa for a few minutes before bed.  The TV was on and, generally, Hannah has no interest whatsoever in watching television.

But then a dog came on the television.

Hannah stared at the screen and started to smile.

“What’s that, Hannah?” I asked hopefully.

“Dog, dog, dog…dog” she signed.

…and then she laughed.


SHE SIGNED, DOG!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, M. G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost fell off the sofa.

And after smothering her with kisses which left her looking a bit confused – she looked at me as though she’d come to the conclusion that I’d finally lost the plot (she may have a point there!) – my eye’s got a bit misty and filled up with tears.

You see, this is a HUGE, mahoosive, enormous development, for several reasons:

  1. Because she signed– did I already say that?  Hannah knows a handful of signs (sometimes, with lots of prompts and copying, she can put 2 together) and we use the signs both at home and at school, but she only uses one spontaneously: “more”. The other times she’ll use her signs with lots of encouragement and sometimes in the wrong context.  But that’s all dependent on what mood she’s in.  This time, she signed so beautifully and intentionally.
  2. She looked at the TV for more than a second.  Hannah has little interest in the television (she doesn’t inherit the ‘watching television’ gene from her mama then!)
  3. She listened to my question and answered appropriately.  I didn’t even mention “dog” in my question…but she knew it was a dog…and she told me so.

For those of you who haven’t met Hannah through my blog posts, Hannah is just over five and a half years old.  She’s significantly developmentally delayed, has no speech, her level of hearing is undetermined and she has a rare genetic syndrome which pretty much affects all aspects of her life.  So, whilst I totally acknowledge that this isn’t a “biggy” for parents/carers of an average child…in our world…this is big.

I mean, REALLY big.


where to next sign

Who knows.

This may be the start of something bigger.  It may be that, one day, Hannah develops a repertoire of signs that she uses appropriately…because, let’s face it, “dog” won’t get her very far in life in the future…we need to continue to work on more functional signs that’ll help her express what she wants or needs or how she’s feeling.

But that’ll take time and oodles of patience.  And that’s ok.

Nevertheless, all I know right now is that it’s a fantastic new development and we’ll continue to have hope.

And I, for one, am a very, very happy bunny.

So, that’s all for this post my lovelies.

“What?” I hear you say…

I know! It’s the shortest post I’ve EVER written, isn’t it?

Don’t worry…I’m working on one that’s much, MUCH longer…one that will require you to get your jammies on, drink tea and eat biscuits…with chocolate on.

So, watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time

Annie    xoxo

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p.p.s.  The gorgeous dog in the photo is called Oscar and he lives with my nephew and niece-in-law.  He doesn’t always go for a walk in top hat and bow tie…that’s only on special occasions!

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