Musings on the demise of the manky tooth

Once upon a time there lived a tooth.

…and then, one day, it became known as the manky tooth.

It was distinctly unaesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Beautiful kid, manky tooth

It wasn’t originally manky. It was beautiful and perfect and milky white and it lived in my child’s mouth quite happily and served a very practical purpose, until early in 2014 when Hannah had a nasty fall.

She wasn’t able to break her rapid descent to the polished porcelain tiled floor at Broccoli HQ and subsequently landed straight on her face. It was horrible; there was blood everywhere and because of the debacle surrounding her cleft surgery, I appear to have developed a bit of a phobia about witnessing the red stuff (i.e. blood – not cabernet sauvignon!) in or around or even within 50ft of her mouth.


As a result, it took all my strength not to pass out!! Now, I’m normally a woman with a very strong constitution and have witnessed rather a lot of unpleasant things in my time (let’s not go there!), but it appears I’m not so strong when it involves the kid. My kid.

Ah well. It could be worse, I suppose.

So, the manky tooth is now no more…

On Tuesday 19th May 2015 at around lunchtime, it dropped out and departed to the great big dental surgery in the sky.


I’m ok mama.


On Wednesday 20th May 2015, around mid-afternoon, the smaller tooth (not sure what the correct name for it is) right next to the gap, decided to hop it too.

tooth number 2 (2)

Manky tooth + 1 = gone

Hannah hasn’t appeared to be fazed by her double loss, so that’s good.

And how do I feel about this little rite of passage; this supposed momentous occasion?

Well, bizarrely, I have mixed feelings about it…and here’s where I may come across a soupçon odder than usual…


• I’m delighted that the grey, chipped tooth has gone. Whilst it didn’t look very pretty, it was also sharp on the edges and on a couple of occasions it cut Hannah’s lip. Grrr!


• This is a visual indication that my baby girl is growing up…whilst her 6th birthday is looming, she’ll always be my baby girl.
Now that sounds a bit selfish really – I mean me, getting all sad about her growing up – because I ought to be delighted that she IS growing up. Many kids with genetic syndromes don’t reach their 5th birthday…and that’s so sad and REALLY, heartbreakingly unfair. And, of course, I AM delighted and I DO want her to grow up…but I want her to grow up and be able to survive and thrive and not be dependent on anyone for anything (Girl Power!). But that’s more than likely not going to happen. So, for me, as a special needs mama, your kid growing up can be a bit scary and something I can’t get too excited about.

I’m not sure whether other mama’s and daddies feel the same way. Maybe it’s just me being a bit…well…weird, I guess.

On reflection, I was also a little sad when she cut her first tooth…another sign of growing up. Whilst her chin was still developing and her little mouth often turned down and made her look a bit sad, even when she wasn’t, I thought she looked quite cute being gummy.


Gummy Bunny

• Another reason is that I couldn’t have the typical conversation with her about how special this event is and act all excited about it/get her all giddy and prepared for the tooth fairy coming. Hannah has no idea who the tooth fairy is, or Santa, or the Easter bunny…or anyone else for that matter. Nor did I get the opportunity to frantically scrabble around the house for money to put under her pillow…because realistically, if I DID put money under her pillow, she’d only try and eat it anyway…so it wouldn’t be a very wise move really, would it?

• New teeth mean more new discomfort for Hannah, and, given she’s non-verbal, that means being extra super-duperly vigilant in regards to any changes in behavioural patterns, like self-harm, that she’s displaying. New teeth will more than likely mean crowded teeth and a great deal of discomfort – so that means a trip (or trips – plural) to the hospital for a general anaesthetic and a bunch of malingering, jostling molars, incisors, bicuspids or whatever to receive their eviction notice, post-haste! I will also need to be anaesthetised at this point too!

  • Hannah’s the size of an average 3 year old (maybe coming up to a 4 year old – yay!).  Children around this age should normally have all their teeth, right? So, a tiny tot with a great big gap in her teeth, may just draw yet more attention and stares than before. *sigh*

• I’m going to have to try and desensitise myself to wobbly teeth, blood in Hannah’s mouth, and, when only ABSOLUTELY necessary, maybe give those teeth a little wiggle and help them on their way.




I’m already feeling a little lightheaded at the prospect!


I could, on the other hand, rekindle my much loved, and long departed, Grandpa’s old and trusted method of tying a piece of cotton around the tooth and the other end to the door handle…and then shutting the door…Oooh, erm…perhaps not…that’s a bit too draconian for me (and my kid). Still, they couldn’t afford dentists in the olden days, so I suppose needs must (have).

Maybe it’s best if I ditch the cotton and seek out a therapist instead.


That’s lipstick, btw, not the other stuff. Recommended by SLT. It’s aim being to help Hannah’s awareness of her mouth – it didn’t work!

I have a feeling that Calpol (other reputable children’s liquid paracetamol products are available on the high street) will become my ‘bestest’ and most faithful friend…yet again!…I may even take a swig of it myself just to numb the trauma…or maybe I’ll just stick to the Prosecco instead.

Still, it’s happened. The manky tooth, plus 1, has gone. So I’d better get used to it because there’ll be many more teeth to follow.


I suppose probably the only good thing to come out of all this, is that when Hannah continues to bite me, I won’t have a full set of bite marks on my face/arm/leg/shoulder/fingers/boob (yes, she doesn’t discriminate!) *wince*

We always try and look on the bright side here at Broccoli HQ!

So, if you ever bump into a frazzled, washed-out looking woman, sporting half a bite mark, walking around in a daze…that’ll probably be me…so stop me and say hi!

So my lovelies, that’s all for this post.

Thanks for stopping by.

Until next time

Annie xoxo

This post is dedicated to The Tooth Fairy…well, obviously!

(N.B. For our friends over the water and faraway – Hi! *waves excitedly* – the term “manky” is usually used in our neck of the woods to describe something…well…a little unpleasant, I suppose)

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milk teeth

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