The quest for the missing boot – a heart-warming tale


I was anticipating that my next blog post would be about Hannah’s 6th birthday which is at the end of this month, however, I thought I’d write a little something about what happened at the weekend and the response we had to it.

For our Facebook friends (Hi! *waves excitedly*), you’ll probably already know what happened, so apologies in advance for the repetition. But, c’mon, really, could you blame me for mentioning this?

It’d be rude not to.

Right, let’s set the scene.

Hannah receives Conductive Education from a charity called The Legacy Rainbow House. It’s an amazing place…but I won’t go on (yet again!) about how it’s been a lifeline for us.

But it has.



We were invited to go to the Adlington Carnival with the Legacy gang who were taking part in the parade.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Adlington, it’s a lovely little village in Lancashire (UK), the people are great, it’s a close knit, supportive community and the Carnival has such a good reputation that visitors come from all over the place.

Usually one to shy away from social events (I’m SUCH a party pooper!) I decided that we ought to join The Legacy and support them. Plus, it’d be a new adventure for Hannah. So, Hannah, me, her daddy, grandma and auntie joined The Legacy team to walk the parade. Hannah sat in her wheelchair and, I must admit, I was a little worried about her initially, because as we started to approach the noise and the crowds, she began to ‘zone out’ with lots of hand staring and avoiding eye contact and generally seeming uncomfortable. But I needn’t have worried, because she (eventually) became accustomed to her environment and even waved a couple of times to the crowd when prompted – Yay! Developments!

So, the parade walked around Adlington and what a fantastic turn out!

People were cheering and waving and just generally having a lovely time.

Then later, everyone congregated on a field where there was a fun fair and stalls and Carnival Queens and dogs rounding up geese and all kinds of lovely community stuff that in our fast paced technological life, seems to be dwindling more and more as the years go by.

It’s such a shame.

Right, here’s where I actually (finally!) get to the point of this post…

Hannah was getting tired and ready for her tea, so we decided to call it a day.

Then, we noticed one of her DM’s was missing.

HOW on earth had that come off?

We still have absolutely no idea.

She was in her chair, she wasn’t trying to kick it off or all 4 of us (or at least one of us) might have noticed. Hannah’s non-verbal too, so couldn’t even tell us that she was minus 1 boot.

This loss is a phenomenon worthy of a mention in some fancy scientific book, I reckon. (Kidding!)

So Hannah’s daddy and auntie retraced our steps in a quest to find the boot without success.

We’ve never lost any of her footwear before…and I consider that quite an achievement!

I felt a little sad that we’d lost it. However, in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a life or death situation…and trust me, I know EXACTLY what one of those is…but I won’t waffle on about that right now. I have perspective:

It was just a boot.

Albeit a cute boot.

But just a boot, nonetheless.

Which could be replaced.

But in a last ditch attempt to find it, I put out a message with a photo of the boot on our facebook page stating:


We’ve had a lovely day at Adlington Carnival with our family and extended family members (kids, their families and the staff from The Legacy Rainbow House) however, we’re a bit sad because we’ve lost one of Hannah’s DM boots (arghhh!!!!!) – It’s the right boot that matches the one below. So, if anyone was in Adlington today and knows where it is, please, please, PLEASE contact us – they’re her ‘bestest’ going out boots and much nicer than her NHS ones.

Never in a million years did I think that it’d attract so much interest!

That evening and the following morning I watched the counter on our facebook page increasing slowly; the shares rising every time I looked – we’ve never, EVER had SO many shares. It was incredible. All told, we had 121 shares with a 11292 post reach.


Lots of people took time out to comment on the page in the hope that we find it too.

Charlie (thanks Charlie!) shared the post on her page and commented that she’d seen Hannah in the parade and that she and her daughter both had DM’s…and had great taste in shoes…of course!

Sophie (thanks Sophie!) commented that she’d seen the boot tied up to some railings.

Peter (thanks Peter!) went on DM’s facebook page and left a message about our quest to find the boot…and if it wasn’t found would DM give us another pair.

These people don’t know Hannah personally.

They didn’t need to do what they did.

But they did.

And the fact that all of those people, a significant amount who’ve never even met Hannah, would bother to press their share buttons and share it on Facebook with their friends in the hope that the boot would be returned to its rightful owner, was really rather extraordinary…and extremely heart-warming.

So, for me, the boot just isn’t a boot anymore.

The boot also represents people’s compassion for a little kid (i.e. Hannah) who, most days, wears specialist NHS footwear to support her with her mobility, but currently wears DM’s as an alternative on special days out, just because they look nice and pretty…and, really, every little girl should have at least one pair of pretty shoes/boots, right?

…and the good news is, the boot was found!!!


Sophie was right; Someone had tied it up to a railing in the park and one of the carnival organisers (thanks Ian!) kept it safe until it was collected the following day.

I can’t personally message every one of you who helped to find it…but I just wanted to acknowledge our appreciation for your help.

So, thank you again, everyone…you utterly wonderful people, you!

boots x 2

And thank you to those people who’ve just joined us on Facebook…you’re very welcome!

We’re very much looking forward to next year’s Carnival, where you’ll undoubtedly see us in the parade….and we’ll try hard not to lose another boot!

So, that’s all for this post my lovelies.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by.

Until next time

Annie      xoxo

This post is dedicated to everyone that helped…including Michelle, a Special Mama, who I met for the first time at the carnival…and who actually reads my blog!!! Yay! Thank you. xx

p.s. The next blog post will DEFINITELY be about Hannah’s birthday. So watch this space.

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