The greatest song in the world…ever!

The greatest song

According to the internet (I love the internet!), reference to dance can be found in early recorded history and it happened/happens all over the world; from the Brazilian rain forest to Venetian carnivals to Wigan pier and even Blackpool Tower!

And there’s all kinds of dance out there if you look around…there’s ballet, tribal, tap, salsa, Argentinian tango (oooh, it gives me goosebumps…my FAVE!), baroque and all manner of other wonderful stuff….but the crème de la crème HAS to be your good old ‘dad dancing’.

I adore dad dancing!!…it’s an art.

I also love the dancing around the handbag thing.

In fact, we pretty much love all kinds of dancing here at Broccoli HQ.

You’ll often find BBC Radio 6 playing in the kitchen and, when Hannah’s around, we’ll encourage her to dance with us….no matter what the genre.

It’d be nice someday if she had an eclectic taste in music.

I live in hope!

Dependent on her mood, Hannah will most likely be found staring at us, stock still, with a glimmer of amusement (or perhaps disdain at times???) on her face whilst we dance around the kitchen (probably thinking, “OMG, if only I had ‘regular/conventional’ parents!”)


She’ll jiggle her arms for a few seconds and then wander off smiling and biting her hand in excitement (that’s her way of dancing…which is very cute – apart from the biting!…but it doesn’t last long) *sigh*

(n.b. Health and Safety Officials of the world, please do not be alarmed; Broccoli HQ is a very small establishment, however, the kitchen is pretty big…in fact, it’s the biggest room in the house! So, be assured, it’s quite safe.  Honest!).

Anyway, the other day, Hannah and I were sat snuggled on the sofa and Take That came on the telly, promoting their new single “Hey Boy”.

Now, for those of you who’ve got to know Hannah through this blog, you’ll remember that Hannah has moderate hearing loss, significant developmental delay (plus a gazillion other things) and it sometimes takes her a while to process stuff before she reacts.

So, imagine my surprise, when I started to move my arms to the music…and she copied….and then she continued…and then she kicked her leg in the air…and then she smiled…and jiggled her arms even more…ALL. THE. WAY. THROUGH. THE. SONG!!!!!!!!

OH M.G.!!!!

This is a first!

It appeared that she LOVED the song…and she heard it!

I’m not afraid to say I got very misty eyes.

Naturally, I milked it for all it was worth and got the ipad out after they’d finished on the telly and found the song on You Tube and tried it again…twice…and she did the same thing!


She was glued to the screen…although I was too, given Mark’s jacket. Sorry love, you are exceptionally cute, but next time, please don’t wear your nans fur coat…you can do better than that!

Anyway, I am very conscious that if I try and milk this i.e. by playing it too often, then she’ll get fed up of it (and me) and throw in the towel. So I’m treading very carefully.

For now, at least!

But, a Take That CD is most definitely on the cards for one of her Christmas presents.

For average parents, this is no ‘biggy’. I get that. I really do. However, in our world, it’s a brilliant, potentially new development.

It could be just that she’s ready and responsive to move her body around and gets the concept of dance.  It could be something to do with the Snowdrop programme that we’re on…and that I’m so dreadfully rubbish at trying to fit all the programme in each day (*flailing myself in admonishment as I type* – BAD mama!!). It could be that Hannah’s wonderful teacher is encouraging it at school each day.  It could be anything at all.

Who knows?

But I’m celebrating it and hoping this enthusiasm for ‘dance’ sticks around.

Bring on the dancing Queen!

…although I’m not quite sure what type of dancing we can call it…

…but, nevertheless, it’s all good.

So there you have it; Take That’s “Hey Boy” is officially THE bestest ever song in the whole world.

Well, it is at Broccoli HQ.

So, that’s all for now my lovelies.

Oh btw, if anyone has any connections to Take That, please tell Gary, Mark and Howard that if they’re ever popping by Rainbow House whilst Hannah’s having her Conductive Education, feel free to pop in.  Hannah would LOVE to be serenaded (dependent on her mood, she may even provide the accompanying dancing!)…and I’ll put the kettle on.  I’ll even nip to the shop and get some biscuits…with chocolate on!

Now THAT’s surely an offer that can’t be refused! *wink*

Thanks, as always for stopping by.

Until next time.

Annie xoxo

This post is dedicated to Gary, Mark and Howard…well, OBVIOUSLY!

…and to all the dad dancers of the world…keep doing what you’re doing…you’re brilliant!

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2 Responses to The greatest song in the world…ever!

  1. Brilliant! In our house it’s Strictly.Pearl who like Hannah has GDD + a variety of other niggles is absolutely transported by it every week and leaps up grabbing whoever she can persuade to Samba.We love it (except perhaps the teenagers who won’t take part!)She is also obsessed with One Direction-what do those boys do?I can honestly say the taste in music has not been passed down from us,but like you with Take That I have a soft spot for them,because liking boy bands is such a normal 9 year old girl thing to do.We have plenty of time to refine the musical taste later(in between,physio,speech therapy,toilet training and general family hoopla!)Do like reading your posts,Mr Barlow would have to have a heart of stone to turn down the biscuits!

    • Ooh! Strictly! One of my faves too. Your daughter has good taste…although the jury’s out on One Direction (sorry Pearl). Pearl, honey, you can come dance in our kitchen anytime…we even have disco lights! Thanks SO much for reading, commenting and following. I’m going straight over to check out yours too…I didn’t know you were a fellow mama blogger. yay! xx

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