My New Year’s Revolution

(I know I said I probably wasn’t going to write another post again this year, but I thought I’d write a last minute one…I just couldn’t help myself!  Plus, there’s nothing I fancy watching on the telly right now, so I thought I’d have a chat with you!)

This way to 2016

Yep, there’s no need to look again, you read it right the first time…I’m not making a New Year’s resolution I’m having a REVOLUTION!!!

*Fist pump!*

Well, grammatically, I’m not sure if an individual can ‘have’ a revolution…but never mind.  Just try and bear with me on this one.

You see, as far as I can remember back, I’ve never particularly enjoyed New Year’s Eve or, in fact, the prospect of welcoming the New Year in.

New Year, to me, was often something to dread and most certainly not to relish.

It was a familial thing.

…and probably not the best kind of thing to inherit really!

Usually, the first (January 1st) conversation with my mum entailed a query about what the next 365 days were going to bring. Death? Trauma? Illness? Something really, really, really bad and very, very (extremely) miserable.

Ironically, this year, brought us a gut full of that, didn’t it?!

Well, NO MORE!!!

This New Year I won’t be able to have any conversation at all with my mum (miserable or not)…and that makes me very sad….but I’ve decided that my mind-set for this one (i.e. 2016) IS, most definitely, going to be very different.

It has to be.

This New Year, at the stroke of midnight, I will welcome in the New Year. I will embrace it and all the challenges that may lie ahead. I will stare it in the face and say…


Well, maybe not as I’ll most probably be asleep by then – needs must when you have a child who usually wakes at 5.45am, is completely energised by her slumber and RARING to go!!!


Where did my lie in’s go?

Nevertheless, despite my premature bedtime, I do anticipate being woken by a handful of the usual inebriated idiots, malingering around Broccoli HQ. The kind who’ve decided to have a BBQ at midnight in the rain, drank a pub cellar full of cheap, gut rotting beer and then set off some left-over discount fireworks that they’ve kept in their shed since November 5th.

I wouldn’t particularly mind if they were half decent fireworks…but they’re just a bit meagre. tbh.

Let’s face it, two sparklers, a couple of bangers and one that fizzes pitifully does not a party make!

If you’re going to do it Dear Neighbour…make sure you do it properly…or don’t bother at all!


Nevertheless, when I wake (probably before the birds do!) on the morning of January 1st 2016, I shall fill my lungs with the New Year firework smog and smile and say “Hello you!”.

This coming year I intend to embrace it and tackle life head on….FAR better than I’ve ever done before….

I shall continue to advocate for Hannah and, undoubtedly on my mission, rub many people up the wrong way in the process.

Ah well.

C’est la vie!

I shall endeavour to shave my legs more often…even when the weather necessitates I still wear trousers. Sorry ladies, I really don’t want to let the side down, but I’m getting the razor out before I start looking like Chewbacca.

I shall take time out to paint my toenails a stupid colour. The type of colour which would, on initial and fleeting inspection, perturb any medical professional into thinking I have some kind of weird disease of the toenails….Yes, I shall try something ‘totes rad’ like blue glitter.

I shall never, ever again write ‘totes rad’ in my blog posts.

I shall get my hair cut more often.

I shall NOT pay for gym membership that I will never use nor will I go on a diet or give up any bad habits.

I like my bad habits.

…but I do intend to invest in a nutribullet and whizz some kale up now and again. I may even drink it too!

I shall be selfish and have more “me” times. I deserve it.

I shall get rid of the clutter in my house.

Well, I’ll try to.

I will buy myself some nice, completely impractical clothes; clothes that are totally unfit to be wearing whilst dragging a wheelchair or HUGE special needs pram in and out of a car.

I shall say “no” to more stuff I don’t want to do and “yes” more often to the things I DO want to do.

I shall, now and again, be less sensible and more spontaneous. I may even throw caution to the wind sometimes!

I shall begin to find a sustainable way to move down to Cornwall…no matter how long that may take and then I can establish my dream of helping other families.

I will be more mindful about mindfulness and be more aware of the ‘here and now’ stuff rather than pondering on what’s forthcoming.

I will be less anxious and not allow it to affect me so much.

I will write more…hopefully!

I will try to be kinder to me and less critical of myself.

I’m going to stop bottling things up and have a LOT. MORE. RANTS!!!!!


…and, every single day, I will continue to look at my kid and be in complete awe of her…no matter how much she may scare me to death or drive me bonkers!

So, that’s my ‘revolution’ for you and definitely all I’ve got to offer for this year, my lovelies.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Until next time/year…

See you on the other side!

Happy, happy, happy and extremely healthy New Year to you and yours.


Annie xoxo


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2 Responses to My New Year’s Revolution

  1. Hi Annie Great post. Happy New Year to you all. Love Barbara

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