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That longed for gesture

Or otherwise entitled… One of those celebrations that (probably) only Special Parents will really ‘get’   We’re celebrating here at Broccoli HQ as we’ve recently witnessed a glimmer in Hannah’s development. Woo hoo! So I thought I’d share it with … Continue reading

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Isn’t life hard enough?

Hannah is poorly, so today we stay at home and keep warm and have cuddles. I try to coax her to have her medicine. I try and distract her when she’s self-harming. I pat her back when she can’t clear … Continue reading

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THAT woman

“Yes, Mi Lud. Guilty as charged. I have come to the conclusion that I am, unquestionably, THAT woman…or one of them, at least. Lock me up and throw away the key!” *throws head back and laughs in a slightly unhinged … Continue reading

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Musings from the Mothership

Hannah and I got creative at the weekend. We made a card, a special one, for a really special person. But despite loving assisting her and watching her deep in contemplation – choosing what she wanted to stick on the … Continue reading

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