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Don’t put me on that pedestal

  We don’t have a swanky pedestal here at Broccoli HQ.  Sorry about that.  So, as an alternative, I thought a picture of our old step ladders might suffice. Fear not, I’m not giving out DIY tips in this post.  … Continue reading

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Step into my shoes

Hi! I think I’ll just do a quick post today. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha Ha! OK, so, given my track record for winning Gold at the ‘Waffle Olympics’, I’ll let you off for being a bit cynical.  You’re thinking I’m kidding, right? No, … Continue reading

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The Mama-lympics

Oh, I’m really enjoying the 2016 Rio Olympics at the mo. I must note, however, just for the record, that my enthusiasm has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with all those taut (male!) gluteals in lycra hovering around on my 40 … Continue reading

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