Step into my shoes


I think I’ll just do a quick post today.



OK, so, given my track record for winning Gold at the ‘Waffle Olympics’, I’ll let you off for being a bit cynical.  You’re thinking I’m kidding, right?

No, seriously, this WILL be a quick post as one eye is currently watching the Olympics (women’s diving, just in case you’re curious and very soon to watch Jade Jones in the Taekwondo semi’s) and my other is on the screen, whilst typing this! (I CAN multitask, yeah!)

It may not make any sense, mind.  But I’ll do my best.

Right, let’s get on with it, shall we?….

Scrolling though Facebook the other day, I saw a picture quote on one of the many disability/special needs sites I follow and it got me thinking.  You know, like you do.

The quote went something like:  “Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I’m living and if you get as far as I am, just maybe, you will see how strong I am”.

There’s other, similar quotes I’ve seen that’re just as good, but I especially liked this one (it was accompanied by a nice picture) and Oh, I DO like shoes!

Well, it’d be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

So, where am I going with this?…

Well, living in this ‘Special’ world of ours i.e. being the parent/carer of a child with significant additional needs, means (as well as being judged, but we’ll refrain from giving the judgers a mention here) I may often change my shoes (metaphorically speaking) several times throughout the day.

Erm, point of fact is I may actually, change my un-metaphorical (no such word, I’m sure!) real shoes.  But we’ll stick to the metaphorical stuff for now.  This IS a short post, after all *wink*

I think it needs to be said though that whilst it’d be pretty difficult for anyone, including a parent who has a child without additional needs to understand my/our world, equally, it’s often difficult for me to understand completely what other parents of children with additional needs may go through and step into their shoes.  I can empathise, of course, that goes without saying.  I can even grasp some of those feelings and fears and anxieties and challenges life constantly throws at us, but we’re all different – even if our children share the same diagnoses.

So, anyway, here’s my theory on what some of my metaphorical shoes are as a Special parent….and what I may (metaphorically, perhaps) wear during the course of the day:


Handy for wading through the mire of red tape, bureaucratic nonsense and general rubbishness of the ‘system’ (erm, what system?) us Special parents/carers face on (what can often feel like!) a daily/weekly/constant basis.


Flip flops

For those sunny, ‘life is good’ times….best worn in Cornwall, obvs!  Enough said. (Oh, Lordy, she’s harping on about Cornwall….yet again!)


Those sock things with sticky bobbles on the bottom that stop you slipping (no idea what their proper name is.  Technically, not shoes per se…but, well, just go with me on this)

Worn on ‘meh’ days, when you just need to give your feet [self] a bit of a warm hug and have a duvet day….not recommended when you have to put the bins out on a rainy collection day, mind….or if the dog needs walking.


Wooden clogs

When ‘one of those days’ occurs.  Thankfully, they’re less so, recently.  Excellent choice for kicking inanimate objects (like doors and such like)….when crying just isn’t sufficient enough to quell the frustration.  (I AM kidding, btw!…violence is not condoned.  Ever)



High, pointy, sharp (but breathtakingly beautiful) – these babies mean business.  Shoes that shout ‘don’t even think about messing with the mama’.  Required for meetings – usually complaints *sigh*, EHCP’s etc when much seriousness or a stern face is required.  Note: mustn’t be worn with baggy leggings sporting traces of your child’s lunchtime yoghurt smeared on one knee (not a good look!)


Big clompy work boots with steel toe caps (and maybe a pair of shin pads too)

Safety wear most apt when any piece of equipment is being handled.  We Special parents often have a plethora of this stuff knocking about.  Bruises/injuries are common.  Well, they are at Broccoli HQ!


Lead soled diving boots

OK, so, there’ve been the odd days here and there (hopefully now mostly in the past, never to return *fingers crossed*), when no matter what shoes I was wearing, I felt like I was drowning (metaphorically speaking, again!) and would never come up for air.  These little big beauts come with an oxygen tank.  Time to take control of those feelings, get the boots on, acknowledge those feelings and let them flow over me, have a gentle wander around the ocean floor for a little while and be fully aware of the ‘here and now’ stuff.  Refocus.  See the beauty around me.   Then whip ‘em off sharpish (Oi!  shoes only, mind!) get back on terra firma and face the world head on.

Oooh, what a random analogy type thing, eh?


Red sparkly ones (just like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz)

For teleportation purposes.  The only classy means of making a sharp exit and quicker than catching the bus!  Reserved for any event I’d rather chew my leg off than attend, but have committed to during a mad moment e.g. Parties with clowns looking like they’re in need of anti-depressant medication or events with magicians seemingly with an alcohol dependency.  In fact, just general parties and gatherings where small talk with actual people is required etc etc etc (Yes, Mi Lord, guilty as charged.  I AM, more often than not, socially inept)


shoes .jpg

Not Dorothy’s.  Not sparkly.  Nor are they equipped for teleportation, sadly!


Running spikes 

My preferred foot apparel when late.  For anything.  Which is usually for everything. Please refer to my last post which also refers to my lateness.  It happens a lot.  Apologies in advance if you’re due to meet me.  It’s unavoidable.


Ballet shoes

For twizzing around, in a vague pirouette/celebratory style.  Usually following a ‘battle’ won in the quest to get the things your child needs.  Hoorah!



It was a relatively short post, after all….although I could’ve waffled on about shoes forever.  There’s tons of shoes for tons of different situations…or hats, in fact.  Oooh, I like metaphorical hats too!…and real ones.

Anyway, feel free to add in the comments box if you have any metaphorical shoes in your closet….or hats.

So, that’s all for this post my lovelies.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Until next time

Annie xoxo

This post is dedicated to Christian Louboutin – who may or (more than likely) may not (like, ever!) read this post, but who (If he did read it) may wish to donate a teensy, weensy pair of his beautiful, delicious, coveted shoes to the author of this post….i.e. ME!  *stares into space and dreams of wearing beautiful shoes whilst actually scrubbing a greasy pan in the kitchen sink*



p.s. Apologies for the repeated use of the word metaphorical! *cheesy grin*

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