Did I just hear that?

Or, otherwise entitled…

Oh M G!…


I’ve been itching to tell you…


It’s time to partaay!



Hello my lovelies.

Quick post…

I have news.  Exciting news.  Rather MAHOOSIVE news, actually….

So, if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know we’ve just arrived home from a (much needed) break away.

It was, as always, blissful.

Fear not, I’m not going to go on about Cornwall…although I will do…if you want me to! *wink*


My Kid Loves Broccoli…and Cornwall ❤


But, whilst there, we had to go and see a man about a dog.  Well, actually, we had to go and see a very nice man, a two and a bit hour drive away in a beautiful, but rather remote, part of Devon, for Hannah to have a review of her Snowdrop programme.

To spare you from me rattling on too much about the programme, here’s the link just in case you’re interested in reading more.  http://www.snowdrop.cc/

Basically, Snowdrop provides neurodevelopment stimulation programmes for children with a wide variety of diagnoses.  It’s not something you can get on the NHS – as far as I’m aware.  We’ve listened to and nodded politely at the odd critic here and there, who’ve voiced their scepticism about Snowdrop.  But, you know what?  I know, hands down, that this is working for Hannah, so, as long as we can continue to afford it, we’ll continue to participate.

Anyway, I’m not going to have a grump about sceptics in this post.  Like I mentioned, I have news to share with you.

Our Facebook family may have read (and celebrated with us…thank you, my darlings!) that Hannah had said her name to her lovely teacher ❤  last school year.  Sadly, this hasn’t happened again.

But I’ve always lived in hope. Because if it’s happened once, it can happen again.

I’ve never heard Hannah’s voice, apart from her lovely sing song noises (Snowdrop call this verbal scribbling – LOVE that term!) although, I have to admit,  it’s not so great in the middle of the night…more like rather annoying!

So, whilst at Snowdrop, Hannah was being observed playing and doing her own thing by Andrew, the founder.  It was clear that Hannah had been sussing him out (as she does) for quite a while….often using her peripheral vision.  Whilst she may not acknowledge someone’s existence, she certainly knows what’s going on around her…she doesn’t miss a trick…especially when a bag of crisps is being opened!

Anyway, enough of the crisps…back to our news…

Hannah was mooching around, playing with toys and sometimes approaching Andrew and then moving away.  Andrew then walked up beside Hannah and said “Hello”.

Hannah replied, saying……


As clear as a bell!

I HEARD HER SPEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



…and the most beautiful sound I’ve ever, ever, EVER heard.

And guess what I did?  I kind of froze.  Astonished.  “Did I just hear that Andrew?” I asked.

“Yes, you did” replied a smiling Andrew.

And whilst I anticipated all kinds of wonderful things happening when this FINALLY happened; no mariachi band burst through the door playing some jolly celebratory music, no-one jumped out of a cake, no streamers and balloons came floating down from the ceiling…there was just stunned silence and I stood, stock still, probably with my mouth open….and Hannah happily continued to play with the toys, blissfully nonchalant, as if a miracle hadn’t happened.

But it just had.

So, there you have it.

I heard my girl speak!

In my post ‘Expletive on a cake’, I promised that whatever word I heard her say, it’d go on a cake…even if it was an expletive!  So “Hello” is going on a cake and we’ll have a little party to celebrate too.


Photo credit: Photofunia.

But now I’m feeling greedy.  Now I hope that one word might join another and another and another and make a sentence one day.  We just need to get her the right support to enable her to do it.


Never say never, eh?

Right, who fancies a piece of cake? *grins from ear to ear*

Until next time


An incredibly happy bunny (Annie)  xoxo


This post is dedicated to Snowdrop…providing another little glimmer of hope and support, completely outside of a system that isn’t really working for us right now. 

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15 Responses to Did I just hear that?

  1. Awesome!! That is amazing news!! Cake all around!!

  2. Ellwn says:

    Crying here as I do with most of your blogs. But these are tears of utter joy for you all. I can not began to imagine the joy you felt. Here’s to hannahs next words. With you and Mark as her parents, and your belief that anything is possible with hannah, I hope her next word is nob off to those professionals that dictate what children will or won’t achieve. WTG hannah. Now don’t forget to practise n o b o f f. Much love. Xxxx

  3. Debbie Hunt says:

    Wow, wow, wow!!! Anne that’s fantastic! Your heart must be bursting with pride. Xx

  4. JB says:

    Hellooooooo!!!!! Xxx
    Congratulations with balloons and streamers etc.
    Well done H x

  5. Have something in my eye,apparently.This is awesome news.

  6. Adrienne says:

    That is Wooo brilliant, really lovely for you and a huge leap forward for Hannah. I betbthatinside her head there are loads of other words!!!! Xxx

  7. Ellen S. says:

    I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I know just how you feel, and I am so thrilled for you. Anne, she is so young and she has so much potential—and if she can say two words, she can say more. She’s just on her own sweet timeline, as our kids tend to be. Hello, beautiful Hannah. Hello.

    • Oh Ellen, now I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thanks SO much for the beautiful message….and Hello! We had a little belated party last night and a cake – with “Hello” on it to celebrate ❤ xx

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