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As long as…

So, let’s just recap to the bit where Hannah’s daddy said what he said. (Just in case you’re new here “Hello!” *waves vigorously*, this ties in to my last post…so you might want to just pop back there and have … Continue reading

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Giving birth in the broom cupboard

Hi! I guess if you’ve read my posts before (thank you fabulous people!) you’ll know quite a bit about Hannah and our life by now….but I’ve hardly mentioned what happened before she came along, have I? Well, aside from the … Continue reading

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Spinning plates

Him:  (Says cheerily) “Hello.  What can I do for you?” Me:  “Hi.  Well, I’ve got this lump that I’d like you to take a look at” (show’s him the lump) Him:  (Looks at lump.  Frowns.  Gives it a bit of … Continue reading

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