Or, otherwise entitled…


Blimey, that’s come around a bit quick!



Well, it’ll very shortly be our third anniversary!

It’s been three whole years since I started this blog.


Fancy that! Who’d have thought, eh?

I could never have anticipated when I first started writing that we’d still be floating around in the blogosphere; with me waffling on (as I do!)…and maybe having a bit of a rant from time to time (soz about that! *looks sheepish*) and Hannah just being…well…utterly fabulous (and still rather scruffy) and surprising us all with her antics:  like stealing from baby Jesus, to swallowing teeth, to saying ‘Hello’ for the first time…to well…everything, really.

So, before t’internet goes a bit wobbly – you know, like it does at Christmas – and you all get tucked into your turkey and whatnot, I wanted to say ‘Ta’ (thank you…thanks SO very, very much) to you ALL for your support:  whether you’ve just recently joined us, been with us for a while or even since those first words were published – through the blog (wordpress and email followers) and through our likers and followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too.  We’re only a couple of hundred views short of reaching 24,000 now and you’ve visited us from across the world…even the Northern Mariana Islands (I had to look you up guys, sorry…I thought my geography was ok…clearly it wasn’t!).

Your support over these last three years has been absolutely incredible.  I really do mean that!

However, saying thank you just doesn’t feel ‘enough’ really.

But ‘Ta’s’ all I can offer right now (yeah, stingy, eh? apologies) but, just know it’s heartfelt.

Now, it might sound a bit corny, but I truly am humbled and honoured that you’ve joined us…AND even stayed with us – despite my ramblings!  For some of you it’s probably because you have a child with the same syndrome as Hannah; maybe others, because you have a child with additional needs.  You may know Hannah or I personally (sorry about that! *winks*), you may not know us…or are friends of friends or people we’ve met on this journey of ours, or even a professional interested in learning more about real life with a rare child with additional needs….and maybe you’ve just stumbled across us via The Mighty, Love That Max, Same But Different Project or somewhere else.

Nevertheless, whoever you are and wherever you are in the world, just know that you’re welcome here, anytime….and I hope you’ve got something/anything out of reading my stuff…but mostly a smile (tbh, I’m getting a bit fed up of making people cry! That’s SO not my intention…AT ALL..honest!).  From the onset, I pledged I’d write from the heart and that’s what I’ve done and aim to continue to do, but it’s also important to share the other stuff…the hope, the worry, the amazingly good times, the perhaps not so good times.  Because that’s life, isn’t it?  For all of us.

I can’t begin to tell you how touched I’ve been when you’ve celebrated Hannah’s achievements with me and your response when I heard her say her first word this year absolutely BLEW ME AWAY!  It was totally and utterly bonkers.  Thank you SO very, very (VERY) much. I’ll never forget that.

Ordinarily, the average parent may not blog or post on facebook like I do, but those achievements in our world are mahoosive and worth celebrating.

Anyway, here’s hoping I get the chance to share more of that stuff with you sometime…as long as any new words aren’t expletives! *gulps*

As you may already know, I set up this blog for several reasons – one of them being for cathartic purposes – mission accomplished! *does celebratory jig* and also, for other people just starting out on their own journeys with a loved one with CdLS (Cornelia de Lange syndrome) – so that they didn’t feel so alone, just like I did at the beginning.  And, I’m pretty sure I’ve achieved that too! *does backwards moon walk AND fist pump*.

…although I never thought I’d still be rambling on for this long.

But I am 🙂

However, through this blog, I also hope that I’m helping to change people’s perceptions a little.  That when they meet a child or adult with additional needs, they see a person first – not a disability, not a diagnosis or whatever.  Just someone different to themselves…gloriously different, just like we ALL are….but in many ways, not dissimilar.

So, that’s all for now, my lovelies.

Thanks (again) as always for stopping by.

Until next time…and wishing you a happy, healthy Christmas ❤

Annie  xoxo


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4 Responses to Ta!

  1. etherael says:

    Annie, Happy 3rd year anniversary. And Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to the three of you. ❤

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hope you all had a lovely Christmas Anne xxx

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