The sorting hat, moody cows, celebrities and Hannah goes surfing

Hello my lovelies!

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and here’s to 2017 being a wonderful, healthy, happy one for you all and for your loved ones too.

Hey, have a guess where we’ve been?

Yep, you guessed it (probably) and IT.  WAS.  PERFECT.

Tbh, unusually, I was a little reticent to go as – as you’ll probably know if you follow us on facebook – Hannah’s been having problems with her teeth and is due to go into hospital at some point soon for an operation.  But, thankfully, she was okay and had a rather splendid time, I think/hope.

The weather was kind – mild with the exception of one blustery, wet day.  We managed to have a rest (Oh, I SO needed it) and we just schlepped around at our leisure, visiting places, met up with friends, looked at houses *grins* and spent time on the beach.  Lovely jubbly!  At times, when she was calm, we managed to get Hannah to sit on a regular, grown up chair to eat – rather than using her Go To seat (a fab specialist seating aid for kids with additional needs)…yay!

It all went far too fast and I’m counting down the days until we’ll be there again.

…in our Cornish Broccoli HQ.

So, here’s a little summary of what Hannah got up to…


On Christmas Eve, Hannah met two celebrities – Helen Glover: British and Olympic professional rower (ranked number 1 in the world..oooh!) with her lovely new husband – Steve Backshall: naturalist, TV presenter, Strictly Come Dancing competitor and an utterly DE-LICI-OUS specimen of manliness.

Ding Dong!

I mean, come on, have you seen those muscles?!!? *erratically fans flushing face*  (don’t tell Hannah’s daddy I said that, though…shhh…it’ll be our little secret, okay?).

Anyway *composes self*, they were both SO nice…and Helen didn’t flinch when Hannah attempted to bite her fingers.  Thankfully, we left her completely intact…phew!


Hannah, Helen and Steve.jpg

Three celebrities


We also went to church on Christmas Eve…and Hannah snoozed (and snored!) all the way through the children’s nativity service.  Typical.  *sighs*.


We visited our friends who own an organic beef farm.  Hannah was captivated with a calf and spontaneously tried to stroke it *melt*…although I was a little more preoccupied with one of the cows (not the mama and apparently usually quite placid) looking rather menacing and moody whilst sharpening its MAHOOSIVE horns on the side of the barn door.   Hannah and her daddy are pescatarians…but judging by that glint in its eyes, I’m convinced it knew I was a carnivore!  *quickly googles vegetarianism*  So whilst Hannah was preoccupied, I was formulating our nearest escape route and deliberating on whether I could manage a Fosbury flop over the fence, with Hannah tucked under my arm…and in my wellies!…should the need arise.



I had one eye on the camera, the other on the moody cow to my left!


We visited the Cathedral and lit candles, like we always do, for our loved ones no longer with us…


…and then there was the sorting hat.  Oh, WHAT a reaction we had on facebook with that one!  (thank you!!! ❤ )

You see, Hannah’s daddy took his new hat away with him.  He loves it.  But it’s not a run-of-the-mill, average hat that you can get off the high street as he isn’t a run-of-the-mill kind of bloke, really.  I’ve subsequently named it the ‘sorting hat’ – like in Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter films.  Anyway, one day we decided to walk the Camel Trail.  Pre-Hannah, we may’ve cycled the routes, but this time we walked several miles with Hannah, who was contentedly singing away in her special buggy.  The trail is incredibly popular – even at this time of year – and so naturally we came across lots of people.  Now, if you didn’t read this specific facebook post, I’ll have to explain a little here….we’re quite used to people looking over/staring at Hannah when we’re out and about. Ordinarily, we’re not that fazed anymore.  We’ve come to expect it.  But sometimes, just every now and again, we get a little irked – all dependent on people’s reactions.  However, with Hannah’s daddy wearing the ‘sorting hat’ not one person stared at her.  NOT ONE!  Honestly!  I kid you not!  They were FAR too preoccupied gawping at the hat instead.

It was extraordinary.

…and rather refreshing!

…so if you’re a Special Parent and are getting a bit tired of the starers…just get a sorting hat.  IT TOTALLY WORKS 🙂

And Hannah’s daddy was so chuffed at the reaction on facebook, he’s suggested it be an occasional feature on there.  It made his day.  Bless! He doesn’t get out much.


sorting hat.jpg

Hannah, daddy and the sorting hat


We welcomed the New Year in and watched an amazing fireworks display…although Hannah wasn’t too keen as the spectacle reached its optimum.


We went on the beach most days.

I love taking Hannah there.  She can safely wander around to her hearts content.  She’s more relaxed there than anywhere!






We ate lovely food…LOTS of lovely food.  Too much lovely food, actually *burps* Pardon me! *puts hand to mouth then googles gym membership*



Having a bit of a sing song after lunch!


And Hannah went surfing.

Well, sort of surfing – but without the wet suit and the surf board.  So, technically not surfing at all, I suppose.

If you’ve been with us a while, you’ll know that last year I wrote a blog post about Hannah noticing the waves approaching the shore and trying to run away from them (heavenly).  I clung onto her as best I could, although she managed to break free from me at one point.  But this time I decided to just stay close, give her a little bit of freedom, not hold onto her, not do my usual ‘helicopter mama’ impression *anxious gulp*.  Over her plethora of clothing, she wore her waterproof suit (haha, yeah, right!) and her wellies – which she very much resents wearing.  As we approached the shore, Hannah noticed the waves and just stood there, watching the water gently flow over her feet.  She loved it…and I loved watching her having fun, often in her own little world – I’d love to know what’s going on in her head!  But then, she made two tiny steps further into the water and turned her back to the sea. A ‘wave’ (actually, more like a large ripple) caught her unawares, knocked her off her (typically doddery) feet, causing her to fall backwards, and was subsequently swept swiftly back onto dry land.  Fleetingly, I was worried about her reaction, however, Hannah being the true adventurer/slightly feral child that she is, absolutely LOVED it, squealed with delight and once I’d scooped her up, made attempts to go back into the water.

…which was SO not going to happen, as a quick dash home to strip off the now-not-so-waterproof-suit and 300 kilos (slight exaggeration) of saturated nappy, a warm bath and removal of half a ton of sand (again, slightly exaggerated there) out of her ears was required.

I shared the post with friends. Saying…”It started like this”…


“…and ended like this”

…with the hashtag (and excuse my language here, but she was!)


(but also deliriously happy)


So, I guess that’s all for now my lovelies.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Until next time

Annie   xoxo

This post is dedicated to the Cornish Pasty…om nom!

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2 Responses to The sorting hat, moody cows, celebrities and Hannah goes surfing

  1. Ellen noblet says:

    As ever loved reading all your adventures . Here’s to the next one. Xxx

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