“It must be a typo, surely”


*holds ipad at arm’s length and squints a bit at the screen…because she hasn’t got around to going to Specsavers, yet!*


“I don’t believe it….”




*runs around living room (once)…then flops on sofa in a pale and sweaty state, with a rabbit in the headlights expression*

“Oh.  Dear.  God”



That was me the other day.

The previous 48 hours or so had been a bit of a nightmare (understatement).  I’ll spare you all the details – you’re welcome –  but Hannah was in agony and the painkillers (Calpol, my love, you let me down this time!) weren’t even touching the sides…ergo, we’d had no sleep.  Not even a wink.  Hannah was exhausted, her self-harming behaviours were off the scale and she was pretty fed up…and consequently so was I.

But reading this news (above) woke me RIGHT up!

Let me give you a little preamble type thing…you see, three years ago I started a blog.  This blog actually.  I began writing for a number of reasons (if you want to know more, please go and have a ganders at the “About” bit on the blog) and I’ve happily rambled on ever since.  It’s been cathartic for me and I’m delighted that it’s made a difference to a few other people too.  Our lovely followers grew organically – through wordpress and then a year later through facebook too (oh, and Instagram and Twitter…but I’m rubbish on there, sorry guys!) and these people have been the ones who’ve spurred me on, celebrated with me, cried with me, laughed with me (or at me!), shared their experiences and views with me….and maybe, occasionally, they’ve learned a little from me too.

I proper love my blogging family! ❤


Writing about life with a daughter who has a rare genetic syndrome which affects most aspects of her life isn’t ever going to be a popular mainstream topic.  Most people won’t want to read about “The Grand Tale of The Glitter Poo Debacle” or contemplating a Fosbury Flop in my wellies with Hannah tucked under my arm and those other wittering’s of mine.  I don’t post recipes of fabulous looking organic vegan cupcakes or beauty tips (God help you all if I did!).  I just…well…ramble on…and whatever’s lurking in my head, just comes out on a page (screen).

And during my time blogging I’ve come across other bloggers – who didn’t ramble on one bit, they were/are FAR more articulate than I! – who also have things to share about life with their children with additional needs – the peaks and troughs, useful info, funny stuff, the heart breaking stuff too.  But whilst we all had our own sites, there wasn’t even (as far as I’m aware) a half decent collective platform on which to celebrate what we all did.

But then in October 2016, this amazing thing happened…the BAPS Awards were born! (Bloody Awesome Parents Awards)

Bloggers like me, who occupy a teensy part of the blogosphere and get very little attention now had something of our OWN – The BAPS is a joint venture between My Family Our Needs and Bringing Us Together – two groups who’re involved in the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) community and who totally ‘get it’/our lives.


So basically, this will undoubtedly become the Dogs Dooh-da’s of SEND blogging ….and the other day I found out that our little blog – My Kid Loves Broccoli – is in the finals of their very first awards….THE FINALS!!!! In three different categories.  THREE!…AND the awards ceremony will be hosted by Sally Phillips…SALLY PHILLIPS!!! (Hannah’s daddy has had a bit of a crush on her for like FOR-E-VER!)

*fist pump*

…and then, after reading the news and running around the living room (once), that little internal self-doubt/negativity bunny of mine whispered slyly in my ear…

“Why the excitement? – You’ve never aspired to get an award before, so why now? You’re SO not worthy of any of this.  There’s far better bloggers out there more deserving of an award; who’re more articulate, more popular, who have thousands of followers.  How could someone like you even get to the finals?  It’s all been a big mistake.  Give up now.  Who’s going to look after Hannah whilst you’re off gallivanting to some awards ceremony?  You can’t go…life’s on hold until she’s had her surgery, remember? You’d have to buy a frock!  You’d have to talk to people!  You’d have to enjoy yourself!”

So, after listening to the bunny, I chopped some carrots and then plopped the little bugger in a great big pan of boiling water sitting on the hob* and shouted “Be gone with you Demon Bunny!” and sang Gloria Gaynors “I am what I am” at the top of my voice whilst twizzing round the kitchen.

(*Metaphorically speaking, of course!…we at Broccoli HQ don’t condone any form of cruelty to real bunnies or any living being, EVER!)

So, why this post?

Well, firstly to tell everyone that we’re in the finals.  THE FINALS!!!!!!!!!!

That’s a HUGE achievement in itself as apparently there were lots of bloggers nominated – so mahoosive thank you’s and squishy hugs go out to the people that nominated My Kid Loves Broccoli ❤

…and thank you to all the Judges who took time out to read my (rather lengthy, often inarticulate and grammatically incorrect) blathering’s and put the blog through to the finals…I am (as we say ‘Up North’) “Proper chuffed”.

…and HUGE congratulations to ALL the bloggers who were nominated, regardless of whether you got to the finals or not.  You’re making a difference.  Keep going, my lovelies ❤  In fact, I think we’re pretty much ALL Bloody Awesome Parents – whether we write a blog or not.  Don’t you?


So now we come to the last bit where I ask for your help…

I’ve decided there’s absolutely no point whatsoever listening to the Demon Bunny and giving up at this stage.  I need to be pro-active.  After all, people have taken the time to nominate me and to read my posts and put us through to the finals.  It’d be a bit ungrateful if I didn’t do anything at this stage!

This round is for the public vote…And as old Brucy (Bruce Forsyth) said in Play Your Cards Right “Points mean prizes”.   So, I need your votes (points); lots and LOTS of votes to have even a remote chance of winning anything.

Why should you vote for My Kid Loves Broccoli?

Honestly? I’ve no idea.

(I’d never get a job in sales or promotions, would I?)

Ah well.

But as my mum used to say “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”

So, I’m asking (nicely) and to completely misquote the beautiful and talented Julia Roberts in the film Notting Hill…

I’m just a girl (well, erm, I’m a bit too old to be called a ‘girl’ these days…but we’ll skip over that bit)

Standing in front of a boy (I’m actually sitting on the sofa, typing…and maybe you’re not a boy)

Asking him (or her!) to love her (that’s VOTE please…although feel free to love me too, that’s fine)


You’ll find us in three categories:

  • The truth about SEND
  • Promoting positive perceptions
  • SEND with a slice of humour


Credit: Photofunia


Oh, and if you could share this post with other people via social media, that’d be just fabulous.

So, I guess that’s all for this post, my lovelies

Thanks, as always for stopping by

Until next time

Annie   xoxo

This post is dedicated to Hannah’s daddy.  Because I’m a rubbish wife for not buying him anything for Valentine’s Day (whoopsy!) and thanks for filling my hot water bottle up.  That’s not a euphemism, btw.  Just to be clear.   

And, dare I say and at risk of sounding a bit grovelly (which it SO isn’t, I don’t ‘do’ grovelly…it’s a genuine thanks), to Bringing Us Together and My Family Our Needs for giving all SEND bloggers this amazing platform.  Thank you! 

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