Auntie Debs has a haircut


…and Hannah’s NOT impressed!


Hello you!

As I sit to write this post, my phone pings and up pops a photo of Hannah stood on a balcony in a beautiful part of Great Britain…the Lake District.


My lovelies, if you’ve never visited that part of the world, you’re missing out.

Hannah’s going to be there for 2 nights with school and whilst this was a last minute invitation, it’s a much welcome one.

Hannah will undoubtedly have lots of fun and adventures with people she knows and likes…and I and her daddy will have the opportunity to do much needed bits and bats around Broccoli HQ…and, perhaps, have a much needed rest…oooh, and maybe have a few drinkies!


I know!!!! *does happy dance*

Well, it’d be rude not to wouldn’t it? When the cat’s away and all that *winks*

So, I have a bit of time to have a chat with you…yay! Apologies I haven’t done so for quite some time, but as always, life just gets in the way, doesn’t it?

Right now, for lots of reasons, I feel the need to write something a little light hearted.  So I’m going to try and do just that and tell you about something that happened recently.

So, here goes…picture the scene…


“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, what is your verdict?”

“Guilty, your honour”

There are audible gasps of astonishment around the courtroom.. 

Little Judge Hannah – propped up on several cushions in order to see over her bench – grasps her wooden gavel firmly and slowly leans forward after straitening her short bench wig and red robes.  Over her half-moon glasses, she stares solemnly at the trembling defendant in the dock and the silence in the courtroom was deafening. 

“Madam” she bellows deeply “You are deemed guilty of committing a dreadful misdemeanour and, as such, in my summing up of this case, I have no reservations in delivering the following sentence:

Firstly, you are forbidden from entering any salon within a 50 mile radius of your home for the next 6 months.

In addition, you will be made to clip your hair away from your face at ALL times.

And finally, for the next month, you are prohibited from manducating broccoli of any type and in any form – be that soup, steamed, blanched, roasted, dressed, on the side or as a main.  Not even a miniscule floret must be devoured during this time. 

Think yourself lucky that you did not receive a sentence at Her Maj’s pleasure for your appalling actions.

You are VERY, VERY naughty.  Let THAT be a lesson to you!!”

Little Judge Hannah is lifted off her cushions by the court guard and swishes out of the room without a second glance, tutting.


Oh dear!

The lady in the (totally fictional, obviously) dock was Auntie Debs who is one of a number of wonderful ladies who look after Hannah a few hours a week whilst I have to go and do grown up stuff.

Having extremely limited support (understatement!) from elsewhere, I’d be absolutely lost without them as Hannah – because of her significant additional needs – requires one to one support at all times…and that’s not because I’m a fussy mummy (okay, *put’s hand up in surrender* I AM a fussy mummy).  But it’s not actually optional.  It’s a necessity in order to keep her safe.

Hannah loves being with them and has tons of fun…and I think the feeling’s relatively mutual.

…and she certainly keeps everyone on their toes, THAT’S for sure!

But a terrible (almost unforgivable) crime was committed by Auntie Debs the other day and Hannah was simply not impressed.


Anyone who doesn’t really know Hannah would just assume she’s in her own little world most of the time and doesn’t take anything in, doesn’t know what’s going on.

What fools they are!

It may take quite some time to take stuff in, she may not give eye contact, she may not even acknowledge your existence, but if she’s not focussed on/engrossed in something else, she’ll notice things.

Oh yeah!  Make no mistake about that.

…and this particular ‘incident’ is a case in point.

So, as we approached the steps of the building to go and see Auntie Debs and the other staff, Hannah was in her usual, delightful (slightly wild/feral/bonkers) mood.  Her face said “I’m happy mummy”, her sing song noises suggested that life was good for Hannah.  Today was a good day.

However, not long after the door was opened for us and Auntie Debs greeted Hannah’s arrival, Hannah’s mood changed significantly; her sing song noises ceased immediately, she wouldn’t give eye contact and her hand came up to her face (as is often the case when she’s zoning out of a situation/needs to process what’s going on).  She recoiled from Auntie Debs who was subsequently shunned within seconds.  If Hannah could’ve spoken, I’d suggest this is what she would’ve said…

“Don’t come near me lady!  You might be wearing Aunty Debs’ clothes.  You might sound like Aunty Debs.  You might be standing where she often stands.  BUT YOU AIN’T MY AUNTY DEBS!  WHERE IS SHE?  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER?  I.  WANT.  MY.  AUNTY.  DEBS.  BACK!!!!!!!!!! Someone call the Police…NOW!”

Oh dear.  Oh deary, deary me.  Eschewed by a tiny seven year old!

Initially, I couldn’t quite grasp why Hannah’s mood had changed so significantly.  This wasn’t typical behaviour for Hannah in a place where she’s accustomed and to someone she knows so well.

…and then we twigged why.  *imaginary lightbulb pops up in bubble overhead*

Auntie Debs had had her hair cut! *gasps in horror!*

Now I’m pretty sure she regularly gets her hair cut, but she’d now got a fringe.

How rude!

Actually, just for the record, it’s a very nice fringe; however, naturally, a fringe ordinarily partially covers your face, and Hannah was not amused – maybe this is something to do with her Autism…but I can’t be sure as she can’t tell me.

(n.b. for our lovely friends across the pond “Hello!” *waves vigorously*, we call it a fringe, you call them bangs)

Hannah had actually clocked Auntie Deb’s new coiffure before I did.

Clever, clever girl!

(Although I really DO need to get around to going to Specsavers pretty soon!)

I didn’t have much option but to leave Hannah there with Auntie Debs and the other staff…but I must admit, I did feel pretty bad about it…not just because Hannah was acting out of character but also for Auntie Debs.  Hannah wasn’t poorly, she wasn’t significantly distressed…she was just…well…not impressed and demonstrating her ‘not impressed-ness’ by ostracising Auntie Debs…giving her the cold shoulder, sending her to Coventry,  denying any interaction with her whatsoever.

And poor Auntie Debs had to wait over a whole day to be wholly reaccepted and acknowledged and it all changed by the following lunchtime when Hannah had deposited something rather *coughs* malodorous in her nappy and granted Auntie Debs the honoured recipient of this award by leaning on her and then lying on the floor in anticipation of a nappy (diaper) change.

How kind!

Bet Auntie Debs felt REALLY thrilled about THAT!

But on a serious note, I think people not ‘in the know’…and sometimes people who ought to be in ‘the know’…misjudge kids with additional needs.  They DO notice what you say, they CAN be aware of what you do, how you look, your mood etc.  The quote “Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than you realise” also applies to Hannah and other children and adults with disabilities…and Auntie Deb’s new haircut is evidence of that, don’t you think?

Food for thought, eh?


So, I guess that’s all for now my lovelies.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by

Until next time


Annie xoxo


This post is dedicated to Auntie Debs (obviously!) but also to all the amazing ladies she works alongside…and who equally care for Hannah.  Ladies, you have NO idea whatsoever how grateful we are for your support! Thank you for looking after our precious girl *blows kisses*

p.s. A message to our lovely Barbara from Boston – we didn’t win an award at The BAPS…it didn’t come as a surprise though…but we did have a lovely time.  We’ll try again next year. xx


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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Annie. how did you know i was going to ask again? It wasn’t for lack of trying – I voted for you many times. :-} Barbara

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