My Little Adventurer

Or otherwise entitled…

Hannah goes on an adventure WITHOUT ME (I KNOW, HOW RUDE!) and this is a post about what she got up to, with a bit of a preamble and some more waffle to accompany the photos from her mama. 

(That’s a long title, huh?)

or, otherwise entitled…

Kids with disabilities CAN


So, if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll probably know Hannah was given the opportunity to go away with school for a couple of nights to the Lake District.


(n.b.  For our friends across the pond “Hi!” *waves enthusiastically*, the Lake District is a beautiful part of Great Britain…if you visit England, do think about stopping by there: it’s the place of William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, lots of Lakes – obviously!, John Ruskin – one of the great polymaths of the Victorian era, glorious little villages and…well…just loveliness…oh, and maybe a bit of rain…occasionally)

Anyway, although it was a relatively last minute invite, it was an EXTREMELY welcome one and, whilst I had to think just a little about letting my baby girl go (still hard for me to do…maybe always will be), I was completely confident she’d have a fantastic time and would be looked after.

When I excitedly mentioned it to someone, their response was “Well, she’ll have to get used to it one day” – which kind of put the mockers on (spoiled) things a bit *sigh*.  It would’ve been nicer if they’d have said “Wow! What an amazing opportunity!”, or, in fact, said nothing at all.  But no, sadly.  We can’t account for what comes out of other people’s mouths, can we?  I’ve heard this before and, tbh, people might as well say “Well, you’re knocking on a bit, you’re gonna kick the bucket sooner or later, so she might as well get used to being on her own now” – because that’s what’s meant, no matter how much you wrap it up and put a bow on it!  If Hannah didn’t have additional needs, I doubt people would have the gall to say this about a seven year old child…however, in our worlds, it just seems to happen…again and again…and again!  And people think it’s okay (as if we haven’t ever considered the future!!!!!!) but, guess what?…here’s a shocker for you…WE ACTUALLY HAVE AND IT’S NOT SOMETHING WE CAN FORGET ABOUT, CAN WE?


Anyway, enough of my whingeing…

So, whilst the cat (Hannah) was away, the mice (i.e. Hannah’s daddy and I) made plans to go out for a meal (it never happened!) and have a rest (yup, also never happened!).  But the thought was there.  Instead, we did much needed bits and bats around Broccoli HQ and then I nipped to Marks and Sparks for something nice for our tea.  And then we flaked on the sofa watching telly (what a rock’n’roll lifestyle we lead, eh?).  But it was good, all the same.  But the time flew so quickly!  Isn’t that always the case though?

…I missed my girl though.  Whilst I welcomed the break to get a few things done, Broccoli HQ really wasn’t the same without her.

I could waffle on ad in finitum about what we did and didn’t get around to doing…but I’ll spare you that…you’re welcome.  This isn’t about us,  this is about Hannah’s adventure.  And anyone who thinks kids with disabilities can’t have adventures is, quite frankly, a bit of a schmuck and needs educating…as this post provides photographic evidence that children with disabilities CAN have fun, CAN have adventures, CAN do stuff that – let’s be honest here – many adults without disabilities haven’t even done or could do….or would even consider doing…OR have the guts to do!

Hannah went to stay at a registered charity called The Bendrigg Trust (Here’s the link:  Bendrigg is based in Kendal (Cumbria, England) and specialises in residential activity courses for disabled and disadvantaged people of any age or ability.

So, my lovely people, without further ado, here’s what my kid got up to…and I’m EXTREMELY proud of her (actually, I’m always proud of her, but especially proud for doing this stuff, as you’d NEVER get me on a sodding zip wire…EVER!)


Day one

Arrived safely and enjoying the lovely view…


In the yurt, looking happy and ready for a campfire…

away 1

About to go on the big tube slide…apologies for the big smiley face (on the right, obvs!) but I didn’t get people’s permission to share their photo on this blog…so, as I don’t want to upset anyone, whilst they do have very lovely heads, I’m covering their heads up, just to be on the safe side.

away 5

On the ropes course…

away 4

A bit of archery…OH. M. G!  HAVE YOU SEEN THE SIZE OF THAT BOW!…

away 3

Having a chill before bed in the sensory room…

away 2


Day 2

On the Zip Line…Dear sweet Jesus and all the blessed Saints!!! *crosses self in religious manner*

away 8

No idea what this is called…a-seat-on-ropes-that-swings-around-thingy…apparently Hannah LOVED it!…AND she’s holding on! (I’ve never seen her holding onto anything before.  EVER!)…

away 6


Day 3

Certificate time before going home…but not looking too impressed (probably at the prospect of going home.  Who knows?!)…

away 9


So, what do you think? Quite impressive for a seven year old child with significant additional needs, huh?

I think so.

That’s all for now my lovelies.

Thanks, as always, for stopping by.

Until next time…

Annie xoxo

This post is dedicated to our fabulous Del and all the other amazing staff at Hannah’s school who went too. I know this was FAR from a break for any of you, but thanks SO much for giving Hannah this opportunity and for your support…and all the fun!  I hope you managed to have a rest when you got home…and maybe some wine/gin/beer (delete as applicable) I think you deserved it! xx


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  1. Top blog writing as ever. Very enjoyable reading and super witty

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