For Mum and Harry…


On 3rd April 2015, my beloved Stepfather, Harry, Hannah’s Grandpa, passed away.

13 weeks and 3 days later, my Mum let go, and went to join him.

He was the love of her life and she couldn’t live without him.

My mum’s devotion to her Christian (Anglo-Catholic) faith never faltered despite the anguish she faced throughout her life and she was extremely talented in many ways…but always (very annoyingly!) self-deprecating. I’d read her (mostly religious) poetry over the years and pestered her to share them with others.  I’d even offered to take them to a publisher, but she vehemently refused and only shared them with Harry and I.

The first thing I searched for after her death was her book of poetry…and, thankfully, I found it!..and it will be cherished forever.

So, Mum, wherever you are, as often was the case, I’m being defiant and sharing some of your poems and thoughts with the world…because that’s EXACTLY where they deserve to be.

It makes me sad to read her words, but equally it makes me reflect with fondness how she’d recite what she’d written…but she’d put her “posh” voice on just for that.  Oh mum, I never realised how much I’d miss you.

I can do nothing for my mum or stepdad now; except lay flowers on their grave. So I’m adding this to my blog in memory and honour of them both.

Thank you to both of you for EVERYTHING.

I hope with all of my heart that you’re together.

“Over and out” my Darling Harry.

Annie xxx

(Christmas 2015)

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Reflections on I.Y.D.P. (International Year of Disabled People)

Young soldier in wheelchair passing by,

“It wasn’t my war” was his anguished cry,

Small child with a caliper on her leg,

“I want to dance” was her innocent beg,

Surely God never meant it this way,

That some of his children would have to stay,

Imprisoned within this infirmity.


Yet Christ Himself knew suffering too

And even then, there were only a few

To help in His disability.


So, Christian love must embrace all men,

Help blind and lame to feel whole within.

Together, we’ll strive for infinity.


M.W. September 1981.




Anguish written upon his face,

One of his followers in disgrace

Was it he who sat by his side

That very first glorious Eastertide?


Hung on a cross for all to see,

Suffering with great humility,

He talks of a father, love and Heaven

And dying that we might be forgiven.


Who is this Jew, with so gentle a mother?

Betrayed by a man he had loved as a brother

“Rabbi or radical?” hear the crowd say

“Release unto us Barabas today”


Darkness is over, the sun has shone

Gethsemane is empty, for now he has gone

The linen lies barren within his tomb

His lifestyle a query from the time in the womb


Nailed yet each day, pierced still his side

Through each man’s greed, hate, lust and pride

We, who do not deserve such devotion

Loved by this God of earth, sky and ocean.


M.W. 30th November, 1981.




For Mothering Sunday 1982


Humble young girl in a faraway land,

Smiled at her child as she took his hand,

How would he grow, what would he do

Perhaps like His father, a carpenter too?


No, there must be more for this son,

All too soon, away from his home.

Brothers and sisters left far behind,

A more rugged path was His to find.


Thirty years old and fully grown

The dearest son this mother had known

Carrying out His Fathers command

Taking the message all over the land.


Waiting at home for news of Him,

Just how soon would the trouble begin?

Knowing the sorrow she would soon gain

Through helping her son to suffer his pain


All over now, his passion is passed

This eldest son has breathed his last

Taught by her to love and be kind

A shining example he left behind.


Thinking of all her life might have been

Would she have changed one single scene?

A simple young girl, like any other

Expecting no more than to be wife and mother.


Humble young girl, from a far eastern land,

Selected by God and obeyed His command

To her be then honour, praise, love and glory,

Mary most gentle, Mary most holy.


M.W. March 1982.




The Fisherman

Angry waves on Galilee

Darkened sky beholds them now

Nets are cast out o’er the side

Would there be a catch this night?


Storm arising, boat a’ rolling

Men frustrated, sweat from toiling

Gentle voice amongst them saying

Cast your net on the other side.


Fish a’ plenty now are netted

Sea is calm and sky is clearing

Peter hears the master saying

“fish for men, if thou loves me”


Ministry, Peter now must take

To all peoples in all lands

Tell the good news of his Lord

Submit to all of Gods commands


M.W. June 1991.




For my mum

Because you loved hymns so much,

Because I loved you so much.


All hail Great Majesty

On earth to set me free

Born in humility, my precious Lord,

Born just for me to die

Hung on a cross so high

So, I might be redeemed, to be received above.


What can I do for thee?,

Your love has set me free

Your death at Calvary promised me life,

I must pass on the news

All men can then just choose

To follow Jesus Christ, my saviour and my Lord.


Give to all men on earth

The news of Jesus birth

That he loved me so much, he gave his life.

Selfless unto the end,

On Him I can depend,

Jesus, my Saviour-Lord, master and friend.


Brothers, we all must be

In Christian unity

No more divisions, at one with our God.

Recognisde that He came,

All might receive His name

Jesus the promise of, eternal life with God.


M.W. 1991




The light of Heaven shines clear and bright

Upon a cold, cold winters night

To Beth’lem, shepherds make their way

To find the straw on which he lay.


Astronomers from lands afar,

Are guided by the brightest star

They bring Him gifts, including gold,

For prophesy has aforetold,

The King of Kings awaits their stay.


Directed all by David’s star

They came from near and from afar

To kneel before a child so small

Boy King and Saviour of them all


The Christmas child, once more on earth

Son of Mary’s Virgin birth.

Born of God, who gave his son,

Redemption there for everyone

Come and worship Him today

And in the New Year, do not stray

Live as Christ did, just for you

For He loves all, not just a few

Let love for Him shine clear and bright

As His love on that star filled night.


(Mum dedicated this to her husband “for unconditional love”)

M.W. December 1992.




Holy Babe, at sunset sleeping

Safe within Our Lady’s keeping

Gift from Heaven to man below

Sent, so we our God might know.


M.W. November 1997.





Hail thou resurrected Lord

King of all creation

By your sacrifice on earth – peace for every nation?

Help us all to be as one, each to love his brother

Finding Christ in all we meet – “The Way” – there is no other.


M.W. Easter 1999




Bright Angels attesting

The shroud and napkin resting

Behold – the stone is rolled away

And Christ the Lord

Is risen today.


We, with holy church unite,

As is both meet and just and right

In glory to the king of light.


M.W. Easter 2000





Holy Christmas, time of gladness,

Yet o’er the world there is much sadness,

Deprivation everywhere.

Persecution, children hungry, greed,

Repression, people lonely,

All eyes a hollow stare.

Yet, Virgin Born, came one example,

Following Him, there should be ample

Sharing everywhere.

So give a crust, a smile, a hand,

Show the peoples of the land,

There is no need for emptiness.

Man live like Christ,

God each will bless.

December 1980.




The art of marriage

A good marriage must be created.

In the marriage, the little things are the big things. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say “I love you” at least once a day. It is never going to sleep angry. It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives. It is standing together and facing the world. It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family. It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways. It is having the capacity to forgive and forget. It is a common search for the good and the beautiful. It is not only marrying the right person, it is being the right partner.