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I have such fond memories of my grandparents: Grandma, always smiling, with her perfect bouffant, ever changing in all manner of muted candy floss colours and always referring to me as “chucky egg”. Summer holidays at their seaside homes, mooching … Continue reading

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Goodnight Sweetheart

Or, otherwise entitled… A momentous occasion is upon us! Or Patience is a virtue Or Life doesn’t always go to plan Or I obviously couldn’t make my mind up what to call this post, could I? Or I was thinking … Continue reading

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Did I just hear that?

Or, otherwise entitled… Oh M G!… Or I’ve been itching to tell you… Or It’s time to partaay!     Hello my lovelies. Quick post… I have news.  Exciting news.  Rather MAHOOSIVE news, actually…. So, if you follow us on … Continue reading

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