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The Acceptance Speech

So, if you follow us on Facebook (Hello! *waves enthusiastically*) you’ll already know that Hannah received an award recently. Oh. M. G…..AN AWARD!!! You know, every day I’m proud of (and in awe of…and often completely jaded by) this frequently … Continue reading

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The secret’s out!

Hiya! The other day, I alluded on facebook to knowing a secret…but couldn’t divulge the secret…but today I CAN, actually, divulge the secret – yay! Wanna know what it is? It’s a brilliant secret. You sure you wanna know? Well, … Continue reading

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The quest for the missing boot – a heart-warming tale

Hi! I was anticipating that my next blog post would be about Hannah’s 6th birthday which is at the end of this month, however, I thought I’d write a little something about what happened at the weekend and the response … Continue reading

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Me, my kid and our search for a man in a red suit

“Oooh, thanks, we’d love to.  Bye” *puts phone down* Then… I sit silently on the stairs, head in hands. Oh. M. G. What HAVE I gone and done now? A few days later I send an email to confirm. I’ve … Continue reading

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Hannah’s One Pound Appeal

I’m pleased to announce that I completed my bi-annual “emptying the clutter out of my handbag” ritual recently. You want to know what was in there?… Well, amongst the more interesting items I found, there were: Fluff and obscure bits … Continue reading

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The Legacy Rainbow House

    First of all, I’d like to say….                           I hope you have (or have had) a really nice day, wherever you are in the world (This is my first attempt at ‘art work’ for my blog)   … Continue reading

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