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Let’s talk about mental health

Talking about mental health issues seems to have been swept under the carpet a bit, don’t you think? (It’s just semantics, but I prefer to use the term ‘emotional health’ in this post…hope you don’t mind…bit tough if you do.  Soz about … Continue reading

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Annie goes shopping

Or, otherwise entitled… Man for hire!         Last night Hannah’s daddy and I went shopping. By the time we’d actually got out of the house, travelled to the shopping centre and parked up, we didn’t have much … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just gotta put those Super Mama knickers on!

Or, otherwise entitled… Annie may just (definitely) have another rant! Or… I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!   “Super Mama Knickers” Definition (mine): A fictional* undergarment (pictured) possessing special powers.  Typically worn when a boost of empowerment … Continue reading

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You should’ve said!

Or, otherwise entitled… This may end up being a bit ranty (sorry!) I’m feeling overwhelmingly anxious right now.  I’ll probably share this with you in my next post.  But for the purposes of maintaining a modicum of sanity, I’m feeling the … Continue reading

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I’m feeling a bit weird right now. (At this disclosure, I can almost hear my friends laughing and saying “No news there, then!” – thanks guys…I KNOW that’s why you love me *blows kisses*) So, I’ve ditched what I was … Continue reading

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